Ministry of Finance proposes set of measures

Olaf Scholz (SPD), Federal Minister of Finance, would like to increase the duration of the short-time allowance for employees from one to two years. In addition, he presents proposals for a follow-up program of emergency aid in favor of small businesses and solo self-employed persons. The latter will already receive a total of 50 billion Euros this year. The goal is to support the hospitality industry, the tourism industry, and event logistics, among others.

Consumption and investment demand are to be increased on both sides by making degressive depreciation possible until 2021. In addition to a 300-Euro child bonus with a volume of up to 6 billion Euros, Scholz plans to relieve households from a further levy, namely Energy. He wishes to render this possible via the Energie Feed-In Act. Low-value assets should be permitted to be depreciated up to a value of 1,000 Euros instead of 800 Euros, as is currently the case. Mobility via rail traffic and the infrastructure for electric vehicles could be increased. Finally, according to a draft by the Ministry of Finance, the promotion of art could be supported.

The list of the Federal Ministry of Finance does not include the scrapped bonus for cars, which has come under criticism. Tax relief, such as the abolition of the solidarity surcharge, is not mentioned in the draft either.

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