Exports decreased by 24 percent in April

As a result of the Corona crisis, exports from Germany to other countries decreased by 24 percent in April, compared to March. Compared to April 2019, they fell by 31.1 percent to 75.7 billion Euros. Imports to Germany were 21.6 percent lower than in March 2019 and stood at 72.2 billion Euros. For many trading partners, the reasons for difficulties were the closed borders as well as worldwide trade restrictions.

Exports to Germany’s largest trading partner, China, fell 12.6 percent in April 2020. Exports to France fell even more significantly (minus 48.3 percent), followed by those to Italy (minus 40.1 percent) and the United States (minus 35.8 percent).

Looking at the year as a whole, the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry expects a decline of 15 percent. The Federation of German Industries expects exports to decline by 15 percent. According to the World Trade Organization (WHO), world trade could collapse by 13 to 32 percent.

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