German courts usually confirm Corona restrictions

The current lockdown to contain the Coronavirus pandemic is confirmed by most administrative courts in Germany. After November 2, around 600 urgent appeals were pending in the judicial courts, the German Association of Judges announced. The restrictions were thus confirmed in around nine out of ten cases. The reason is usually that the health protection of the population should be placed higher than the restrictions for citizens.

Since the start of the pandemic on March 1, 51 administrative courts and 15 higher courts have received over 6,000 lawsuits and requests for interim relief about the mask requirement, visiting bans, school closings, assembly bans, travel restrictions and restrictions in the area of entertainment. “Currently, numerous entrepreneurs in the gastronomy, sports and culture industries, who are particularly affected by the November tightening, are turning to the judiciary with urgent applications,” said a spokesman for the Association of Judges. The procedures are still manageable, with a view to the workload. In consequence, the reviews by the judges “contribute to social acceptance of the Corona restrictions,” he said.

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