Federal Government does not wish to generally approve Astrazeneca

The Federal Government is against changing the order of the groups of people who are to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus, after a number of Prime Ministers in their respective Federal States have campaigned for a relaxation in this area. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said that the Astrazeneca vaccine would not be generally approved. The substance had recently been criticized because its effect is somewhat less effective than that of vaccines from other manufacturers. As of Sunday, only 455,000 people had given a dose of the British-Swedish manufacturer.

Habeck: Critics should be ashamed

Greens spokesman Robert Habeck has spoken out against critics of the vaccine: “Everyone who said before that I would not have this stuff injected, they should be ashamed!” Astrazeneca’s vaccine is very good, better than its reputation, he said. According to Habeck, however, it should not be used on people older than 65 years.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, meanwhile, the second vaccination with the substance should only be carried out after three months. This was announced by the state health ministry.

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