Corona pandemic: German parliament votes for emergency brake

by Thorsten Koch

This Wednesday, the Bundestag voted on the amendment to the Infection Protection Act, passing it after deliberations. The law includes the power to impose restrictions on contacts and closings, for which only the Federal States were previously solely responsible. First of all, as part of an “emergency brake,” a curfew is ordered that applies from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. if the incidence value of 100 in a city or district is exceeded. Exceptions comprise jogging and walks by individuals. Schools are obliged to cease operations at an incidence of 165 so that students would then continue to rely on home schooling.

Getting a grip on the pandemic

AfD, FDP and the Left Party had announced in advance that they would vote against the law – despite the fact that the emergency brake regulations were already a compromise. Initially, the curfews would have applied from 9 p.m.

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) had emphasized that only vaccinations carried out, as well as testing, was insufficient. The situation as a result of the Corona pandemic is extremely serious, he emphasized. Bundestag President Schäuble (CDU) called the curfews “proportionate” to achieving the goal of getting the pandemic under control. The emergency brake should apply until the end of June. On Thursday, the Federal Council will be called to approve the new version of the Infection Protection Act.

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