Formation of government of the CDU also as runner-up, Bouffier

( – The Hessian Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) advises the Union parties to form a Federal Government even if they reach second place in the Federal Elections. “I find it silly that there is now a discussion about whether only the first place has the moral legitimation to appoint the Chancellor,” Bouffier said according to media reports. All depended on the majorities and on a stable majority. Armin Laschet knows how to bring the parties together.

According to other reports, Bouffier has criticized that the Bundestag election campaign is too focused on the candidates for Chancellor. “Whether Ms. Baerbock was an intern somewhere, for three months more or less, does not matter as far as the fate of Germany is concerned. The same goes for Armin Laschet’s laughter.” Armin Laschet can lead the country, Bouffier emphasized. The Hessian prime minister finally warned of unemployment in the case of “climate protection at all cost.”

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