Göring-Eckardt (Greens) considers coalition with the Left to be illusory

(GermanPolicy.com) – The leader of the Greens in the Bundestag, Katrin Göring-Eckardt, thinks it is hard to imagine that her party will form a coalition with the Left Party after the Federal Election this Sunday. During the Afghanistan vote in the German parliament on the evacuation of people, the Left took “sidelines”. The party “currently not capable” of governing, commented Göring-Eckardt.

Meanwhile, Bundestag Vice President Claudia Roth (Greens) sees coalitions as difficult not only with the Left party, but also with the FDP. “I have a big stomachache towards the FDP when I look at their ideas about climate or tax policy,” she said, according to a media report. “I also have a stomachache at the Left, especially after their incomprehensible behavior regarding the evacuation mandate for Afghanistan.” According to Roth, the SPD’s candidate for the office of Federal Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, does not stand for real change and has “always slowed down” when it comes to climate protection.

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