Lindner (FDP) would prefer a Jamaica coalition

( – According to media reports, Christian Lindner, chairman of the FDP, prefers a coalition with the CDU-CSU and the Greens due to the political content after the Federal Election. The SPD could not automatically insist on a claim to leadership. “We want to join a government if it is a policy of the center,” said Lindner. The head of the FDP called SPD Vice Kevin Kühnert a “dreamer” and criticized the bourgeois SPD top candidate Olaf Scholz was “at the head of a left-wing party.” Tax hikes and debts are “not attractive” to the FDP, Lindner emphasized.

Lindner explanined that he prefers a Jamaica coalition after the Federal Election due to the overlapping political positions and in order to partially implement the FDP program. The SPD has no automatic claim to leadership, Lindner maintained. Rather, it is about the negotiations to form a coalition. The FDP wants to show steadfastness in the upcoming talks. “We are not ready to send our country on a left drift,” emphasized Lindner, pointing out that the FDP had already broken off talks in 2017, after which a grand coalition of the Union parties and the SPD came about.

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