First talks as part of preliminary explorations between the Green party and the FDP

by Thorsten Koch

Top politicians from the Greens and the FDP have met for preliminary talks regarding participation in a future government. The two Greens chairmen Baerbock and Habeck met with FDP chairman Lindner as well as FDP general secretary Wissing. On Instagram, it was said that commonalities and bridges were sought during the first meeting. Earlier, the federal executive board and presidium of the FDP had decided to hold preliminary auditions with the Greens. FDP chairman reasoned: “Between the Greens and the FDP there are the greatest differences in content in the parties of the democratic center that could now talk to each other about forming a government.”

Meanwhile, the domestic political spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group, Konstantin Kuhle, has rejected any kind of tax increase. A compromise could possibly be reached on the debt brake: the regulation contained in the Basic Law “allows a certain amount of debt, especially when the economy is weak”. Kuhle said he preferred a Jamaica coalition together with the CDU-CSU and the Greens. This constellation is also more likely than a traffic light coalition. We share the “basic conviction” of economic growth “with the Union,” explained Kuhle.

Most recently, SPD president Walter-Borjans emphasized that the debt break, which is enshrined in the Basic Law, not become an investment break. The FDP had positioned itself against easing the debt break during the election campaign leading up the the Bundestag election.

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