Al-Wazir: continue exploring both ‘Jamaica’ and ‘traffic light’ coalitions

( – Tarek Al-Wazir (Greens) has appealed not to reject a Jamaica coalition between the Union parties, the FDP and the Greens: “It is good and expressly right that we sound out all the mathematically possible variants.” The Greens had a “huge task” and want the next government to be a success. A lot dad to happen, especially when it comes to climate protection. “It would be a catastrophe if, in the end, there were a grand coalition with Olaf Scholz as Chancellor and Armin Laschet as Vice Chancellor,” warned Al-Wazir.

At their small party congress, almost 100 delegates gave the order to a ten-person exploratory group led by party leaders Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck. Habeck spoke of “four difficult years” of a government with the participation of the Greens, which could have a significant say in federal politics, but “not without debates” taking place. Baerbock spoke out in favor of a renewal for climate protection, a liberal society and social cohesion.

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