Statutory health association calls for reforms in care

( – The vice-chairman of the Central Association of Statutory Health Insurance (GKV) has called for reforms in statutory care insurance. According to media reports, Gernot Kiefer said that the implementation of solutions to the problems at hand cannot be postponed. Sufficiently qualified and better paid staff are needed. This will require billions in investments over the next few years. Kiefer sees a need for reform, for example in the the additional shares to be paid by patients. These should be corrected downwards in a “socially balanced way.” What is more, the working conditions of the nursing staff should be improved. Above all, however, massive premium increases would be due if countermeasures are not taken anytime soon.

The Federal Government must contribute to the expenditure to a greater extent. Kiefer suggested that the pension contributions for caregivers – over three billion Euros in 2022 – be subsidized by the state. The less wealthy would have a greater need for state aid in old age. It is currently unclear whether the social guarantee of 40 percent will not ultimately have to be exceeded during the course of next few years.

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