Vaccination ordinance provides for the right to booster vaccination

( – In principle, all citizens are entitled to a booster vaccination against the Coronavirus, the Federal Ministry of Health has confirmed. For certain groups such as people over the age of 60, medical staff or people with an immune deficiency, a booster vaccination is particularly useful.

Medical President Klaus Reinhardt had expressed himself critical of the vaccination ordinance at the federal level. Reinhardt accused the Federal Government of deficiencies in its promotional work. The Federal Center for Health Education should counter incorrect information in social networks with reliable information, Reinhardt said. The Association of General Practitioners supported the criticism: “The recommendation of the Standing Vaccination Commission is to be followed, and it currently recommends third-party vaccinations only for people over 70 and a few other groups,” it said. Vaccination scientist Leif Sander from the Berlin Charite, on the other hand, in view of the upcoming autumn and winter months, spoke out on an expansion of the booster vaccinations.

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