Membership decision about the next CDU chairmanship

( – The outgoing CDU federal chairman Armin Laschet has announced the decision of the federal executive committee that his successor should be determined by the party members. Ballot papers should be sent out by the beginning of December, but online voting will also be possible.

After an introductory phase from November 18 to December 2, voting should begin on December 3 or 4, CDU general secretary Paul Ziemiak said. Then – on December 17th – the result will be announced to the public, and finally, the candidate for the office of the party will be confirmed at a party congress in Hanover, to take place from January 21st to 22nd. Candidates can submit their applications from Saturday of the current week after the nomination of an official party branch.

The district chairmen of the CDU had previously spoken out in favor of a member survey. However, this should remain a one-time procedure, as Laschet explained. The statutes of the party will not be changed. If none of the candidates get an absolute majority, a second ballot will be held from December 28th to January 13th.

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