World Climate Conference: agreement against deforestation and methane emissions

( – At the beginning of the World Climate Conference in Glasgow, Chancellor Angela Merkel advocated in favor of the concept of CO2 pricing. Steps by the states alone will not suffice, she said, however the industry can get to climate neutrality through carbon pricing. It is about being more ambitious nationally and going an economically sensible path globally, Merkel concluded.

Meanwhile, 100 countries have committed to stop deforestation by 2030. To implement the voluntary commitment, 19 billion Dollars to be used, which will come from both public funds and private funds. Germany is one of the supporters of the initiative presented by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Mankind can go from being the conqueror of nature to being its guardian, Johnson said.

In addition, 100 countries have joined an EU and US initiative to significantly reduce emissions of climate-damaging methane. The group of countries make up 70 percent of the world economy.

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