Greens: traffic light parties must take a more consistent 1.5 degree path

( – The Greens have made the approval of a traffic light coalition agreement dependent on taking climate protection into actual account. “In a government that does not get on the 1.5-degree path and that does not make an appropriate climate protection policy – Alliance 90/The Greens will certainly not participate,” said the deputy chairman of the Greens, Oliver Krischer, according to a media report. One cannot say, “We will continue doing this as the grand coalition did.” The departments of economy, transport, and agriculture would have to work on the joint project to continue the 1.5 degree path. One shouldn’t subsidize fossil-fueled both company cars and electric cars, Krischer gave an example.

Green co-chair Annalena Baerbock has meanwhile not ruled out an extension of the coalition talks between the traffic light parties – SPD, Greens and FDP. Four days more or less do not matter when it comes to the renewal of the country, she explained. Climate protection applies, above all, to the construction sector and transport policy.

The SPD and FDP, on the other hand, want to stick to the schedule, according to which the larger working groups of the possible coalition partners should conclude their deliberations on Wednesday so that the results can be passed on to the main negotiating group, which should conclude their deliberations by the second half of November. In the week of December 6th, SPD candidate for Chancellor Olaf Scholz will most likely be elected by the German Bundestag to succeed Angela Merkel (CDU).

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