Refugees: facilitating integration into labor market

( – According to Federal Labor Minister Heil (SPD), refugees from Ukraine must be offered long-term prospects so that they can gain a foothold when it comes to the German labor market. Heil emphasized that there is a need for an uncomplicated recognition of the refugees’ professional qualifications that have been acquired outside of Germany. Many refugees have had a good education, with a high level of qualification. Heil met with representatives from employers’ associations, trade unions, and social organizations. He also talked about language courses.

There are still “practical” questions to be answered, for example on the subject of childcare. Priority is to grant refugees protection. The “Fair Integration” project is intended to provide advice. The Ukrainians should not be employed primarily to carry out auxiliary activities. Access to language courses should be expanded.

“A meaningful professional activity and a good job are boosters for integration,” emphasized the general manager of the German Association of Towns and Municipalities, Landsberg. Therefore, the qualifications should be legalized unbureaucratically, and the German courses should be more easily organized. Adult education centers, for example, could play a bigger role.

Negotiations are now planned with the Federal Ministry of Education, the Conference of Ministers of Education, and the Conference of State Labor Ministers, Heil pointed out. So far, around 290,000 people from Ukraine have arrived in Germany. About half are likely to be children and young people.

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