Specification of the new Infection Protection Ordinance?

(GermanPolicy.com) – Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann (FDP) has reminded that the current Covid-19 measures can only apply until April 2nd. The “law is clear,” he explained, adding: “Even the Conference of Health Ministers cannot change the law – only the German Bundestag.” Many Federal States do not feel that the measures, which include the designation of hotspots, are effective enough. In a paper, the Conference of Health Ministers advocated extending the previous regulations by another four weeks in order to then have robust voting powers. The new regulation that has already been decided, they say, is too unclear with regard to hotspots.

Several of the Federal States do not want to put the hotspot regulations into effect, such as Baden-Württemberg, Saxony, Berlin, Hesse and Bavaria. However, State Governments are calling on people to continue wearing masks indoors. In contrast, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania classifies its entire territory as a hotspot until 27 April. Hamburg will also announce a hotspot regulation after the Senate called the state parliament, so that the mask requirement can still be ordered indoors.

Meanwhile, the general manager of the Association of Towns and Municipalities, Landsberg, complained: “Unfortunately, the legislature has not set any criteria under which conditions a hotspot regulation can be considered.” For example, whether the incidence number or the hospital occupancy should be decisive for political steps. The President of the German District Association, Sager, said: “With the hotspot regulation, the procedure for a resolution in the state parliament is far too sluggish.”

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