Trade unions: energy prices should be capped, rich tax shold be introduced

( – The boss of the IG Metall, a trade union, has spoken out in favor of a price cap on electricity and energy costs, which will relieve people. “Prices should be capped for up to 8,000 kilowatt hours a year, and only then should the market price take effect,” said Hofmann. The state must ensure financial compensation for the suppliers. Hofmann called this fair and “a good remedy”. Hofmann also campaigned for energy-intensive industry. However, deadweight effects would have to be avoided.

Meanwhile, the designated chairwoman of the DGB, Fahimi, has called for higher taxes for people who live in prosperity, as well as “fair burden sharing” for those who are less fortunate. Fahimi spoke of a special asset levy. Fahimi is standing for election on May 9th at the DGB federal congress that is then taking place.

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