Union parties for a more effective fight against inflation

(GermanPolicy.com) – The CDU-CSU is calling for a more effective fight against the currently high inflation and is thus encountering resistance from the three governing parties. They emphasize that relief in the billions has already been decided.

Union vice-chairman Spahn criticized that the government was acting “too little, too late and too bureaucratically” on energy, for instance. The financial relief in view of increased consumer prices should be tailor-made. Pensioners and students also need help, Spahn said. Energy and electricity taxes as well as the sales tax on fuels must be reduced, and the distance allowance must be developed further towards a dynamic which is measured by the CO2 price. Spahn emphasized that Chancellor Scholz had to “make inflation a top priority.” Inflation eats up the savings of the “hard-working middle” of society, Spahn concluded.

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