Train drivers’ strikes: Bahn blames union, Amthor (CDU) calls for reforms

( – Before the GDL strikes from Wednesday 6 p.m. to Friday 5 a.m. for freight traffic and Thursday 2 a.m. to Friday 1 p.m. for passenger traffic, Deutsche Bahn has described the union’s “maximum demands” as “unachievable” and a massive threat to the railway system. Millions of passengers will not be mobile due to a lack of willingness to compromise. In addition, many millions of Euros would be destroyed. The railway group wants to find a realistic solution. We will provide prompt and complete information about the strike and replacement traffic, a spokesperson announced. The GDL, on the other hand, pointed out that it would no longer adhere to information deadlines. GDL chairman Weselsky accused the railway board of “not moving a millimeter”.

Meanwhile, interior politician Amthor (CDU) has spoken out in favor of reforms to avoid disproportionate strikes in the future. From time to time, individual unions accept disproportionality in the expectation that courts will stop strikes. Amthor described this as a grievance. He suggested a tightening of the legal right to strike, on the one hand, and a greater importance of arbitration as an element. We need to come to a better mutual understanding, he explained. This could also strengthen the population’s acceptance of the right to strike, Amthor indicated.

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