Criticism of the draft law for planned hospital reform

( – Several of the statutory health insurance companies are preparing to increase contributions after the draft hospital reform bill has been announced by Federal Health Minister Lauterbach (SPD). According to estimates, the additional contribution rate will have to increase by 0.3 percent by 2027. The “pressure to increase” is significant enough at the turn of the year 2024/2025 that increases in contributions are unavoidable.

The German Hospital Association (DKG) has criticized the draft law. It does not mean immediate help for the clinics, which, according to the Federal Minister of Health, are at risk of so-called hospital deaths. This continues to be the case due to increases in monetary inflation. The hospital company spoke of a monthly loss of 500 million Euros. The 40-minute deadlines for reaching clinics do not mean any improvement in rural areas, as current state guidelines are shorter.

According to the DKG, the reform is to be financed from social security funds without involving private health insurance companies. A 50 billion euro transformation fund, into which states and statutory funds should each pay 50 percent, is intended to provide financing. DKG chairman Gaß said that effective economic security was missing in view of the inflation costs.

According to media reports, the flat rates per patient are set to decrease. To this end, fixed contributions are to be paid for staff, premises and medical technology according to fixed performance groups.

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