Söder: new debt only up to 100 billion Euros

by Thorsten Koch

The Bavarian Prime Minister and head of the CSU, Markus Söder, would like to limit the Federal Government’s new debt to 100 billion Euros this year. Plans to raise up to 200 billion Euros are unaffordable, he said at his party’s first Internet convention.

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) supported Söder’s initiative. He opted for limiting economic and aid programs “in terms of amount, scope and duration”. One has to “handle the tax money of the citizens carefully and economically”, Altmaier said.

Söder praises success in the Corona crisis

Söder emphasized the success of measures taken in the Corona crisis. “It was an incredible test for the health system, for politics – but also for the population”. The population “coped with this crisis with great patience and will,” said the Prime Minister.

In Bavaria, Corona cases are reduced by 78 percent compared to the beginning of the pandemic, Söder pointed out. “We got through quite well,” commented Söder. It is his “wish and appeal that we do not trip this success that we have now”.

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