Bundestag extends continued payment of wages, supports dining

Continued wages for parents will be paid for up to 10 weeks instead of up to 6 weeks, the German Bundestag has decided. Single parents will receive the payment of 67 percent of their net income for up to 20 weeks. The maximum limit is 2016 Euros per month.

The reason for the extension is that kindergarten and school children in many cases have to be looked after at home during the Corona crisis. Parents can therefore not work, in many cases. The regulation applies to parents with children under the age of 12 – or with disabled children, since these cannot be looked after in day care facilities.

As part of the Infection Protection Act, the VAT rate for dining was reduced from 19 percent to 7 percent, in order to compensate for lost profits. The opposition complained that drinks were not taken into account.

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