Altmaier wants to speed up approvals

Central approval processes should be completed much faster than before. Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) has campaigned for this goal days before the decision regarding the federal government’s stimulus package. Altmaier said, “planning and approval procedures for important national or regional projects must be possible in half the time.” No bureaucratic stones should be put in the way of the economy. Instead, one should create space for investment and demand and create a perspective with “growth for all”. “This is the prerequisite for our country to get back on its feet.”

Unnecessary burdens would have to be postponed, said Altmaier and named standards to prevent unnecessary burdens as a means of doing so. As part of the relief, the Federal Ministry of Economics would like to compensate for the cold progression – which has to do with tax burdens, the necessity of state spending, and the levy of inflation -, media reported. In addition, the levy on the “feed-in of energy” law is to be reduced from 2021. A second level of child benefit could be started even earlier.

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