Schäuble promotes climate, digitization and innovation

The President of the German Bundestag, Wolfgang Schäuble, has appealed to use the state stimulus package for climate, digitization, and innovation. He campaigned for a fundamental renewal of the economy. It is crucial to do the right thing, he pointed out. “We can’t just say: we have to do everything the way it was before Corona,” explained Schäuble.

“The following applies: everything that makes Germany and Europe more dynamic, stronger, and more future-proof, is right.” The question of what should be done with the government funds must be answered convincingly. It is not justifiable that climate policy should lag behind, he added.

The economic stimulus package to be decided on in Berlin on Tuesday has a total volume of 75 to 80 billion Euros. The federal government will contribute 60 billion Euros. The ceiling of 100 billion Euros, which CSU chairman Markus Söder had mentioned, is thus not exceeded.

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