Unemployment fell in March despite the crisis

Unemployment in the Federal Republic fell by March 12th compared to the same period in February. According to figures from the Federal Employment Agency, the number of job seekers in the period under investigation was 2,827,000 – 77,000 fewer than in February. The unemployment rate was 6.2 percent. The President of the federal agency, Detlef Scheele, spoke of a noticeable spring recovery. Short-time work continued to have a high proportion: for the period from March 1 to 25, short-time work was reported for 197,000 employees, for instance in the gastronomy and tourism sectors.

The labor market is still showing noticeable traces of the Corona crisis. Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil described the German labor market as resilient. In February of this year, around 44.3 million people were employed.

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