Laschet wants to adapt the Infection Protection Act

The candidate for Chancellor of the Union parties, Armin Laschet (CDU), wants to change the Infection Protection Act before the Federal Election in September. The incidence of 50 should be deleted. The incidence in and of itself is “no longer meaningful,” Laschet justified his point of view, adding the words: “We need a solution that also measures hospitalization – that is the degree of those who really get sick. That must be included in the Infection Protection Act.”

Laschet said he had already discussed the topic with Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn ( CDU). The goal, Laschet said, is for restrictions to be lifted, as well as no further lockdown. Spahn commented that the incidence applied to the unvaccinated population. Like Laschet, Spahn would like to focus on hospitalization as decisive in the Infection Protection Act. “The incidence of 50 in the law is obsolete” and must be deleted promptly, he said.

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