Scheele: Germany needs more qualified immigrant workers

( – Detlev Scheele, Chairman of the Federal Employment Agency, has spoken out in favor of attracting more immigrants to Germany. Due to the aging of the population, there will be about 150,000 fewer workers by 2021, and “it will become much more dramatic in the next few years.” It will be essential is to recruit skilled workers from abroad, but also to qualify unskilled workers and let part-time workers work more hours per week. “We need 400,000 immigrants a year,” Scheele emphasized, for example specialists in air conditioning, in logistics, as well as academics. Anyone who says they do not want foreigners must know that this doesn’t work.

The agency would like to bring workers from Indonesia to Germany in support of the care sector. Initial mediation talks are already underway. Specialists should be prepared linguistically and technically In Indonesia already.

Meanwhile, the President of the German Care Council, Vogler, has warned of a shortage of skilled workers in the aforementioned care sector. There is a shortage of 100,000 nurses in hospitals and 120,000 people in long-term care. Vogler expects a shortage of 500,000 people in 2030. In order to ensure better wages, the council demanded a monthly starting salary of 4,000 Euros to be agreed upon.

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