Baerbock (Greens) denies the Left the ability to govern

( – The Greens co-chair and candidate for Chancellor, Annalena Baerbock, does not consider the Left Party to be able to govern and has spoken out against a coalition with the Left. She justified this with the party’s inadequate “foreign policy capacity.” This, in consequence, means that SPD candidate for Chancellor, Olaf Scholz – who does not rule out a left alliance with the participation of the Greens – will have fewer opportunities to form a coalition.

According to the Basic Law, Baerbock said, political parties in Germany have to take on “responsibility for peace in the world and a common Europe”. In this regard, the Left Party has put itself on the sidelines, she said with a view to the evacuation operation of the German armed forces in Afghanistan. The FDP, in turn, has different attitudes than the Greens when it comes to tax and social policy, added Baerbock.

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