FDP for investments without tax increases

(GermanPolicy.com) – FDP chairman Christian Lindner has called for the coming Federal Government to rule out tax increases and a relaxation of the debt brake. The FDP wants to make investments possible if it participates in the government after the elections. “These are our guard rails,” emphasized Lindner. A balanced budget is not an end in itself, he said. Taxes should not be “increased further if we want an economic upswing.” However, Linder does not want to tackle all of the FDP’s tax plans at the same time, should the FDP move into government. Regarding a possible coalition, Lindner said that the Union parties were closer to the FDP than the other parties.

Meanwhile, FDP board member Linda Teuteberg has called a coalition with the SPD and the Greens a “challenge.” It takes a lot of imagination to see an alliance with the Social Democrats, she pointed out. The FDP vice chairman Wolfgang Kubicki assumes that Armin Laschet will invite to coalition talks. This is the preference of the FDP, he emphasized. Should this not be possible, the FDP would also accept an invitation by the SPD.

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