Immediate political program in case of Armin Laschet’s victory

( – The CDU board of directors has decided on an immediate program that is to be implemented if the Union parties win the general election. Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet (CDU) agreed to relieve small and medium incomes by increasing the lump sum. Instead of the previous 450 Euros, mini jobbers should be allowed to earn 550 Euros. Master craftsman training should be possible free of charge, and additional wage costs should reach a no more than 40 percent. Relief is also to be achieved through higher basic allowances and higher child benefit.

If one wants to buy one’s own home, one should benefit from an exemption from the real estate transfer tax. An interest-free loan is to be offered for solar panels on the roofs, and climate protection measures are to be tax deductible more easily. Ultimately, bureaucracy is to be reduced, including through faster approval procedures.

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