Söder: no unconditional participation of the Union parties in a future Federal Government

(GermanPolicy.com) – Markus Söder, the chairman of the CSU, does not consider an unconditional participation in the future Federal Government to be possible. A “gutting” of the Union should not take place. The Union is in second place, so there is no unconditional right to governance, he had previously emphasized. However, there is an offer to the Greens and the FDP to hold talks – without however “ingratiating at any price.”

Edmund Stoiber (CSU), one of Söder’s predecessors, said, according to a media report, a renewal of the CDU and CSU would be easier in a government than in the opposition. It is true that one also has to accept the role of the opposition, said Stoiber. But he “prefers to try to bring together a Jamaica coalition now.”

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