Laschet and Söder wish to keep talking to the Greens

( – This Wednesday the Greens – federal executive, party council and exploratory team – will draw a preliminary conclusion on the consultations with the FDP, SPD and CDU. Previously, a first meeting of the Greens with representatives from the CDU-CSU had taken place.

Union candidate for Chancellor Armin Laschet said after the meeting that the talks should deepened. Certain contradictions – such as migration – could be overcome, while in matters of ecological transformation and digitization, the Union parties and the Greens are close to one another. A Jamaica coalition between the Union parties, the Greens and the FDP would have broad social acceptance, Laschet added. Similar to Laschet, CSU chairman Markus Söder said that one should keep talking.

Apparently, the Greens went into the talks very confidently. For example, they would like car drivers to say goodbye to combustion engines before 2035.

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