A Jamaica coalition is still an option

(GermanPolicy.com) – Candidate for Chancellor of the Union parties, Armin Laschet (CDU), is ready to conduct further exploratory talks with the Greens and the FDP. However, he admitted that “the decision as to who to speak to and in what order rests with the FDP and the Greens.”

According to the two parties, a ‘Jamaica’ alliance is still an alternative. “The biscuit is far from eaten,” commented Greens chairman Habeck. For the Greens, a ‘traffic light’ coalition “creates the greatest overlap,” but many differences have yet to be sorted out. The Green candidate for Chancellor, Baerbock, said her party wanted to build bridges. The Greens also want to tackle the many challenges for the country soon, for example in social policy.

The option Jamaica is also viable and not “out of the game,” confirmed Lindner. “We made a substantive statement from the coalition,” added Lindner. “The FDP only enters into a Federal Government that strengthens the value of freedom and provides a real impetus for the renewal of our country.” However, it is now crucial that Germany get “a stable government.” The country must go forward instead of drifting to the left.

CSU vice president Manfred Weber had previously emphasized: “CDU and CSU are making a serious government offer.” With the FDP, the Union parties have the most in common. But there are also interesting overlaps with the Greens, Weber added.

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