CDU: discussions to involve the party base and a larger share of women

( – Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) is against a members’ decision about the top positions of the party to lead the party in the future. Members’ votes are “no guarantee that things will necessarily be better.” In Baden-Württemberg, for example, “repeated members’ decisions have deepened splits, to some degree”.

Meanwhile, Federal Minister of Economics Altmaier (CDU) has declared that the position of the CDU in the political center be maintained. As a party of the middle, the CDU has always been strong, explained Altmaier, at the same time warning against a stronger orientation to the right.

On October 30, the district councilors of the CDU will meet to advise on the top personnel of the CDU. On November 2, both the CDU Bureau and the Federal Board will decide whether a members’ vote will be held.

Meanwhile, CDU secretary-general Ziemiak has emphasized that the largest of the two Union parties should not only renew personally. Rather, it a new principle program should be worked on. This has not been possible due to the Corona pandemic.

Finally, deputy chairman of the Union Group in the German Bundestag, Schön, has spoken out in favor of a greater involvement of women. The Women’s Union will perform an association and mandate conference in the near future.

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