Traffic light parties with tight timetable – will negotiations get stuck?

( – The new German government should be in place before Christmas. FDP general secretary Wissing announced that a coalition agreement between the SPD, the Greens, and the FDP is set to be in place by the end of November, which would then go into the main negotiations between the three parties.

Thereupon, the election for the Federal Chancellor should take place. This will be the case in the week of 6 December. 22 working groups with experts from the three parties will start their work on Wednesday next week already, said SPD general secretary Klingbeil. “We’re all excited,” he expressed his enthusiasm.

The parliamentary executive director of the Greens, Kellner, added that the coalition negotiations are a “complex undertaking” that will “certainly become tangled” in some respect. Nevertheless, one carries the necessary responsibility, he maintained. There is disagreement on the subject of the climate, financial issues, transport policy, and digitization, as well as education and the two percent target for the NATO defense alliance. Taxes should not be reduced or increased, on the other hand.

Greens co-chairman Baerbock announced that the Greens would oppose a softening of the climate targets. She commented: “If we go below the targets defined by the exploration document, then we can take all this paper and dump it in the trash can.”

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