Söder warns of new government taking up massive debt

(GermanPolicy.com) – The chairman of the CSU, Markus Söder, has appealed that the two Union parties adjust to the opposition role. “It must be clear to everyone that we, as a Union family, are facing a profound turning point,” he said on Friday. The ‘traffic light’ parties wanted to rule through, and therefore, the Union had to prepare for massive indebtedness and immigration. The Union, then, is no longer dependent on compromise agreements, while in the opposition, and must begin to take a clear stance.

“We believe that the traffic light is a coalition with higher earners,” stressed Söder and demanded “that the socially weaker ones do not fall behind.” What is more, Bavaria should not be cut off from the “northern” coalition, Söder, who is also Bavarian Prime Minister, added.

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