A new German law against the Covid-19 pandemic

(GermanPolicy.com) – The German Bundestag has passed new regulations to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. Among other things, after approval by the Federal Council, 3G regulations will come into force in the workplace – with the obligation to present negative tests for those who have neither been vaccinated nor recovered – and in public transport. In addition, the Federal States have the option of implementing mask requirements and contact restrictions. However, curfews and general closings are no longer planned. The SPD, Greens and FDP had introduced the legislative initiative to the Bundestag.

Criticism of Union parties

The CDU-CSU criticized that in view of the dramatic situation it was a mistake to shorten the catalog of measures of the federal states by not lengthening the epidemic situation of national scope. On the occasion of the upcoming consultation between the Federal Government and the states on December 9th, it will now be checked whether tightening is necessary.

Federal Council approves new catalog of Corona measures

The Federal Council has approved the new Corona requirements, which the planned Federal Government made up of the SPD, Greens and FDP had already passed in the Bundestag. The approval in the Federal Council was unanimous. The Union parties had initially threatened a blockade after the epidemic situation of national scope expires on November 25. This circumstance is a “fatal signal,” criticized the Hessian Prime Minister Bouffier (CDU).

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