Increased prices: Lindner (FDP) presents relief package

( – A relief package with a temporary reduction in fuel prices and with one-off payments is intended to cushion the rise in prices. Federal Finance Minister Lindner (FDP) presented the package. Lindner said: “We will reduce the price of for petrol by 30 Cents per liter and for diesel by 14 Cents per liter.” This should apply for three months.

Recipients of social assistance and other transfer payments will receive a one-off payment of 200 Euros instead of the previously planned 100 Euros. In addition, there should be an energy subvention of 300 Euros for all taxpayers. In addition to child benefit, families should receive a one-off payment of 100 Euros. The payment will be offset against the child allowance.

The Greens prevailed with the proposal that public transport can be used throughout Germany for nine Euros per month for a total of 90 days. The Federal States will receive financial aid for this.

The relief package is suitable for giving people confidence, emphasized Lindner. Green Chairwoman Lang pointed out that the measures take the breadth of society into account. The CDU-CSU, on the other hand, called for a VAT reduction on petrol and diesel in order to effectively slow down the increase in energy prices.

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