Ukraine refugees: Bavaria calls for registration without exception

( – To date, the Federal Police have registered 266,975 refugees from Ukraine to have arrived in Germany. The Federal Ministry of the Interior announced that there are mainly three groups: women, children, and elderly. However, there is a lack of seamless border controls. Therefore, the number of unreported cases is likely to be high. The onward journey to other European countries is not recorded. However, arrivals in initial reception centers and those receiving state transfers are recorded even though refugees from Ukraine do not require a visa.

Meanwhile, the Free State of Bavaria has called on the other Federal States to also identify refugees from Ukraine, and to compare personal details with wanted lists. It is true that the refugees should receive unbureaucratic help; on the other hand, smuggling, organized crime and other crimes must be prevented, Bavarian State Interior Minister Herrmann (CSU) emphasized.

Federal Minister of the Interior Faeser (SPD) refuses to record all refugees from Ukraine. “We’re talking mostly about children and women,” she explained. These have been on the go for days and have the right to move freely once in Germany.

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