Bundestag vote on compulsory vaccination

(GermanPolicy.com) – Minister of Health Lauterbach (SPD) expects that this Thursday, the Bundestag will pass compulsory vaccination from the age of 60 – with the possibility of prescribing a vaccination from the age of 18, if necessary from next autumn, or to further ease measures for the population. According to the draft law, counseling is compulsory in the age group from 18 to 49 and sanctions are possible from October.

So far, the majority of parliamentarians is not yet assured. The CDU-CSU will not agree to the proposal for compulsory vaccination from the age of 60: it is dubious because the organization is unclear and not legally justified, according to the Union faction. Besides, the proposal of a number of traffic light politicians came very suddenly. Therefore, the Union parties will instead introduce a vaccination plan.

In addition to the proposals from traffic light deputies and the CDU, there are proposals that reject compulsory vaccination. Group discipline is suspended during the vote.

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