CDU-CSU for relief in taxes and duties

( – The Union parties have called for further steps to be taken to compensate for the increased energy prices through relief. However, the deputy CDU chairman Jung spoke out against a third relief package. According to a press report, he said: “We don’t always need new packages, but in the end, there should be a convincing concept.”

One would have to start with taxes and duties instead of measures in terms of individual population groups. Poorer households are to receive a “dynamic flat rate for heating costs”. In addition, the assessment limits are to be expanded. In addition, a relief package for the economy, which includes a “moratorium on burdens”, tax relief and more flexible rules at work, is intended to strengthen competitiveness.

Söder wants support of pensioners, students and medium-sized businesses

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Söder (CSU) is committed to further relief, which should cushion the rise in energy prices. “Up commuter allowance, VAT and energy tax down, increase heating subsidy. There are 140 billion debts, but there is hardly any relief,” warned Söder. The government has not yet done enough for pensioners, students and small and medium-sized businesses. With a higher commuter allowance, taxes on fuel, electricity and local groceries would have to be reduced.

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