Merz meets Ukrainian politicians

( – The chairman of the CDU, Merz, met the Ukrainian President Selnskyj during his trip to Kyiv on Tuesday and exchanged views with him in a positive atmosphere. The trip was met with controversial comments in Germany. Representatives of the traffic light parties criticized that Merz’ trip put Chancellor Scholz, who would not travel to Kyiv, in a difficult position.

Merz reasoned that he was accepting an invitation from the Ukrainian parliament to get an idea of ​​the situation in Ukraine. CDU presidium member Klöckner also emphasized “that the government and opposition bear state-political responsibility, especially in crucial issues”. Therefore, Merz’s journey was correct, she concluded.

Merz had chosen a night train for his journey. In addition to Zelensky, he would also meet Ukrainian Prime Minister Shmyhal, Kiev Mayor Klitschko, Parliament Speaker Stefantschuk, not to forget opposition politicians. Merz told journalists that Germany must “play a leading role” in resolving the Ukraine conflict. Left-wing foreign politician Gysi will be in Ukraine for a few days, too.

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