Compulsory tests when visiting health establishments discontinued from 1 March

( – Protective measures against the Corona pandemic still apply in health and care facilities. This will see a change from March: visitors to the facilities will no longer have to submit tests. However, they will still be required to wear masks, until further notice.

Federal Health Minister Lauterbach said the pandemic was not over yet. The big horror phase is over and the situation is manageable, and at the same time, medical care supply is assured, he said, adding that the vaccination rate protects the seriously ill. Lauterbach expects the Permanent Commission on Vaccination to publish new recommendations regarding booster vaccinations.

The decision was welcomed by Federal Justice Minister Buschmann, who said the measures had amounted to massive interference with regard to daily life and fundamental rights. The German Foundation for Patient Protection, on the other hand, announced that a small “shield of protection” remained for the particularly vulnerable people. Initially, the measures against Corona should have been discontinued after 7 April.

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