Germany ticket: Bund bears half of the costs

( – The German Bundestag has decided that half the cost of the ticket, also known as the ’49-Euro-Ticket’ – now officially called the ‘Germany ticket,’ can be covered by the Federal Government. The ticket permits travelers to use local and regional transport – bus and train – and will be valid from 1 May. From 2023 to 2025, the Federal Government will provide 1.5 billion Euros per year. The Federal States shoulder the other half. The Federal Council – the German second chamber – still has to agree. 49 Euros constitute the introductory price. Lower prices apply in some states.

Federal Transport Minister Wissing (FDP) had previously replied to critics that it was now about increasing the attractiveness of local public transport. In the future, however, “planning must be more precise,” and it must be ensured that there is the possibility of digital control throughout the country.
The Social Association Germany meanwhile spoke in favor of a ’29-Euro ticket’ after a ‘9-Euro ticket’ for local transport in Germany was available in the summer of 2022, however on a trial basis.

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