18 business associations for the Growth Opportunities Act, blocked in the Federal Council

(de-news.net) – A group of 18 business associations have asked the Federal States represented in the Federal Council to end the blockade of the Growth Opportunities Act as soon as possible. The law will relieve the burden on medium-sized companies if it is passed. According to a media report, the managing director of the Federal Association of Medium-Sized Businesses, Ahlhaus, said that medium-sized businesses are facing significant difficulties. It’s about more than three billion in relief and an would lead to an investment offensive, he added.

The Growth Opportunities Act was negotiated by the SPD, the Greens and the FDP. The law has already passed the Bundestag, but it requires approval. It was stopped in the Federal Council not only by the CDU-CSU, but also by several SPD-governed Federal States because they would incur high costs. The Federal States want to give the green light only in case that the gradual removal of subsidies for agricultural diesel is ruled out.

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