Heil and Baerbock against significant cuts in social security

(de-news.net) – Federal Labor Minister Heil (SPD) has spoken out against a moratorium on social benefits proposed by Federal Finance Minister Lindner (FDP). It is not advisable to pit external security against social security. Otherwise, support in Germany for external security will be lost. One has to agree on priorities in the traffic light coalition and find a proper balance. The working population is among those affected by cuts in social benefits. Such would affect everyone. It is important to take action against social abusebut one shouldn’t raise general suspicion. Most recipients of social benefits are actually in need, Heil emphasized. Many are in work and need additional basic security.

Meanwhile, Federal Foreign Minister Baerbock (Greens), who is also against a zero round within the social security system, has justified that new financial resources are needed for external security – either through a special fund or through an exemption of expenses from the debt brake. “Putting social security against the protection of freedom, I don’t know whether that makes the most sense,” Baerbock summarized.

The FDP parliamentary group leader in the German Bundestag, Dürr, defended the leader of the Liberals, Lindner. Ultimately, Lindner only asked to “make do with what is already there”. There is no need for a new tax, as suggested by SPD chairwoman Esken. She had called for a higher assessment of the rich and said that families with children, trainees and students or pensioners should not have their social security severely restricted. Dürr stressed that it takes courage for social reforms to guarantee solid financing.

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