Liberals Wissing and Baum against coalition breakup

( – Federal Transport Minister Wissing and the former Federal Interior Minister Baum (both FDP) have warned their party not to end the traffic light coalition. Wissing pointed out that he was asking himself what would be better about a different coalition. A CDU Chancellor would be forced to show more consideration for the Greens in a Jamaica coalition. There could also be conflicts for the FDP with the CDU in such a constellation. Baum said: “The CDU and CSU are large people’s parties with large social wings.” He added that with a CDU as Chancellor, the conservatives would have to take these social wings into account.

Market-based decisions will be made at the FDP party conference this weekend, said Wissing. With these positions, one could win back voters. FDP chairman Lindner expressed a similar view: “Raising one’s profile vis-à-vis coalition partners” could lead to more support among the electorate. The former chairwoman of the FDP youth organization Julis, Schröder, meanwhile emphasized that the FDP had no interest in ending the coalition. In contrast, the FDP budget politician Klein was more critical, making the call that a recent FDP position paper that had become known “must lead directly to government action.”

On Monday, FDP committees approved the 12-point paper on the economy, which the party conference this weekend should adopt and which should stimulate growth. It includes social cuts such as the abolition of pensions at the age of 63 and tax advantages for overtime work. This resulted in massive backlash from the SPD and the Greens. In an interview, Wissing explained under what condition to end the traffic light coalition, saying that this would only be the case if the SPD and the Greens decide to weaken the debt brake, which is anchored in the coalition agreement. If the coalition agreement were “actively and consciously broken,” Wissing argued, “the coalition would certainly have no future.”

Baum emphasized that the FDP was willing to compromise with regard to its position paper. Meanwhile, SPD chairman Klingbeil called for the economic problems to be solved together. The FDP has to pull itself together, Klingbeil added. The Greens have shown caution as to the conflict.

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