Germany looking for UN compromise regarding WHO

by Thorsten Koch

Germany is looking for a solution to the conflict concerning the UN Security Council regarding a resolution on the Coronavirus pandemic. The veto powers USA and China disagree on the World Health Organization (WHO).

On the one hand, the United States accused the WHO of being too positive about China, which is why the WHO should remain unmentioned in the resolution text, the USA said. The government in Beijing, however, insists that WHO be mentioned. According to the German proposal, which emphasizes the core of the resolution, UN Secretary General Guterres should be supported in his call to call for a global ceasefire. This seems sensible to many, considering the foreseeable consequences of the pandemic.

Estonia, which currently chairs the Council, supported the German proposal. So far, it is not clear how the US and China would react diplomatically to the move.

WHO warns of a second Corona wave

Meanwhile, the WHO warned of the risk of a second wave of corona infection. The individual countries should be able to identify contagion spots promptly and also to understand contact routes. It is important to significantly increase the test capacities.

Since so-called herd immunity will not develop as soon as the preliminary results of around 90 serology studies suggest, political measures are still necessary. Only a small part of the global population developed antibodies. Most could get infected.

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