CSU proposes relief and economic stimulus package

by Thorsten Koch

Due to the Corona crisis, the CSU has spoken out in favor of a relief package and economic stimulus programs with lesser tax burdens, more investments, more state grants, less bureaucracy and more efforts with regard to digitalization. An investment volume was not mentioned in the draft for the first online party conference of the CSU.

The CSU calls for a reduction in corporate tax, improved depreciation and options for loss accounting. In addition, the party wants to see new jobs created. In the area of ​​mini jobs, the earnings limit should increase to 600 Euros per month, according to the CSU. Social security contributions had to be kept below 40 percent for several years. The energy costs had to decrease, and domestic consumer demand should be supported by certain buying incentives.

In the areas of robotics and artificial intelligence, more effort is needed. Therefore, a high-tech agenda at the federal level must be started based on the model of the Bavarian agenda, the CSU demanded. This would necessitate capital and research grants. More investment is needed for ultra-fast internet and connections for mobile telephony. Schools needed basic digital equipment.
The 5G mobile network is to be set up across Germany by 2025. To accomplish this, the German state wireless infrastructure company should receive 5 billion Euros.

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